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Based in the Inverell, NSW, Matthew & Sons Drilling Services Pty Ltd holds: NSW Class 6, QLD Class 3, and VIC Class 3 drillers licence, servicing all areas in and around Inverell and New England region of northern NSW. We specialise in stock and domestic (basic landholder rights) bores; irrigation bores, environment and investigation/observation bores in all types of formations.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all work will be carried out to comply with the standards set out in ‘The Minimum Construction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia’, however no guarantees will be given regarding the quality or quantity of water in the bore.

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Bore Camera / Equipment

Take the guess work out of what’s happening down there.

With wide-angle lens, full color video camera housed in a 42mm casing you can check out every inch of a water well or open borehole as small a 50mm.

Low-light CCD sensors allow the camera to detect images with minimal lighting power and in-built LEDs provide lighting to enable colour images. An armoured, Kevlar®-re-inforced, coaxial cable links the camera to the video output with 350 meter depth capability.

Steps to Accessing Bore Water

There are a number of steps to go through if you wish to have a bore drilled in order to use underground water.


First of all, be aware of the capital outlay/investment involved. Installing a bore is not a cheap exercise, however it adds value to a property by ensuring a sustainable supply of your own water which costs a lot less than town-water, allowing you to have that beautifull garden that everyone dreams of. The total cost of a bore and associated equipment varies a lot and can range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on what area you are in and if the water requires any further treatment before it can be used.


When choosing a driller, obtain a written quote and be sure of exactly what you are getting . Make sure there are no hidden costs like site clean-up, cementing or additional equipment hire. Your driller should also be able to give you an idea of the expected depth of the bore and what the water quality should be like, however no-one can know exactly what lies below the surface.
Note: All of our bores are cased the entire way from top to bottom and prices include cementing, (waste removal and site clean-up on suburban blocks). We have come accross many bores that have only been cased down to the rock and then ‘open holed’ (several of these had to be re-cased and sealed due to dirty water and cross contamination of aquifers).


Decide on where you want the bore. Depending on the size of the drilling rig and drilling method, a fair bit of clear area around the site will be required. It is almost impossible to drill a bore in a flower bed in the corner of a property up against a fence unless the fence can be taken down for drilling (something that most neighbours are not too keen on!).


Obtain a works permit from your local water authority (see Forms page). If the bore is solely for domestic use, a once-off fee is payable, but if it is to be used commercially, there is the initial license fee (varies according to volume of water required) and then ongoing yearly water extraction fees.


Once the bore has been drilled, an estimated flow rate can be established by the driller who should also be able to give an estimate on the salinity of the bore water. A water sample can also be taken and sent for analysis, the cost of which is the responsibility of the bore owner.


If the water is safe to use directly from the bore, a pump can be installed to suit your requirements. You need to know what your water useage will be when deciding what pump to have installed. There is no point installing a pump that will deliver 5,000 litres per hour when all your watering is done by hand with a single hose (using about 1,000LPH). On low yielding bores or where the water needs further processing, a storage tank and pressure pump may also need to be installed.

Latest Projects

Acquisition - Water Drill, John Carrigan

Acquisition - Water Drill, John Carrigan

Matthew & Sons Drilling Services Pty Ltd is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our services through the acquisition of Water Drill, a well-respected business formerly owned by John Ca